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Ashkelon – A developing tourism city



Ashkelon is a developing tourism city that boasts spectacular beaches along its 12 km. coastline, a comfortable climate for most of the year, rare archaeological sites, parks and scenery and picturesque spots. 

Ashkelon is recognized as a national tourism site.  The National Outline Plan (NOP 12) designates Ashkelon as a tourism and recreation center along the coast, combining a broad range of activities while maintaining open spaces including the marina complex, bathing areas and the expansive Riviera beach, hotels and recreational villages, resort and commercial areas, water sports, the national park in the south (with an area of 2,000 dunams), nature reserves and a variety of tourist attractions.

Ashkelon is being built quickly as a developing tourism center, with the marina at its center.  This is a recognized international port for shipping and tourism.  The Municipality and the Ashkelon Economic Company, together with the Government Tourism Company, invests considerable resources in developing infrastructures, including beaches that attract tens of thousands of bathers and vacationers, a scenic promenade along the coastal cliff, tourist attractions in the national park, roads and access paths, parking lots, gardens and extensive landscape development.


Hotels and resorts in Ashkelon

  • hotelsHoliday Inn hotel
  • Leonardo hotel
  • Golden Tower hotel
  • The Beach hotel
  • Agamim hotel
  • Ganei Shimshon hotel
  • Recreational village for soldiers
  • Vacation and resort units

Vacation sites and entertainment centers

  • TourismTourism The National Park: A picnic area and antiquities site.
  • Marina: Sailing, water sports and fishing.
  • Ashqeluna: A water park.
  • Delilah Beach tourism center: Bowling alleys, diving club, fish restaurants, promenade and more.
  • Afridar Center: In the museum courtyard, featuring sarcophagi and antiquities finds.
  • Khan Museum in the Tower: Art galleries and workshops.
  • Pedestrian mall in the old city: Shopping and entertainment center.
  • Malls: movie theaters and restaurants.
  • Tourism Cultural Center
  • Tennis Center
  • Sports Center
  • Spectacular beaches: Attracting tens of thousands of bathers and vacationers.
  • Swimming pool on Ofer Boulevard.

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