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Ashkelon – A beautiful city


The garden city of Ashkelon is situated on Israel’s southern coast and is considered the capital of the Ashkelon district.  It features recreation and tourism centers and is in constant development.  The city has 138,300 residents and the municipal area includes some 55,000 dunams – making it one of Israel's largest cities.  Ashkelon boasts a national park that hugs the coastline, expansive parks, modern construction, outstanding beaches and a high quality of life.  All of this, coupled with an advanced education system from preschool to academic education, a medical center, and recreational and leisure centers for children, youth and adults, combine to create a city of extraordinary advantages for its residents.  The city’s location between the sea and the desert assure a comfortable climate all year round.

Ashkelon is one of the world’s oldest cities and it is steeped in history.  At its center are rare ancient sites, alongside green agricultural areas that stretch out towards the horizon.  During the past decade alone Ashkelon has absorbed more than 40,000 new residents, some of whom include immigrants and young families, who were captivated by the charms of the city’s quality of life.  Thousands of apartments have been built in spacious residential neighborhoods, new parks and schools have opened, and the local industrial park has hired a great many new employees.

In Ashkelon there are over 27,000 pupils from preschool to grade 12; there are another 5,500 students attending Ashkelon College.  In order to realize its educational vision the city has developed a unique educational program that is already adapted to the year 2016.  Ashkelon’s school system champions quality and excellence while emphasizing values as a key aspect of the city’s education.

In addition, a high-tech park covering an area of around 800 dunams is planned for the north of the city (in the advance stages of the Urban Building Plan).  Ashkelon is currently experiencing a construction boom, of new residential buildings in the north and center, both high-rise and low-rise construction.


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