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The Beachfront

Ashkelon Marina

MarinaThe blue sea has been a constant backdrop for residents and visitors of Ashkelon. Ashkelon is a classic coastal town - devoted to the sea and in perpetual dialogue with it.  
One of the special places, where one gets a full sense of Ashkelon’s sea, is its international marina, one of the most beautiful in Israel. 
The pleasant breeze, a wonderful cup of morning coffee or a cold beer in the evening, the masts of the yachts slowly bobbing in the water, meetings with good friends, a nice stroll with the family and also magical, romantic dates - the sea seems to bring everyone together, providing a beautiful background for any type of imaginable get together. 
This intimate marina, with its magical atmosphere, attracts regular and occasional bon vivants, sun worshippers, who flock there at all hours of the day and night.  
Ashkelon’s Marina was inaugurated in 1995 by the Ashkelon Economic Company Ltd. It is an international flotilla and regatta venue; every year thousands of visitors from Israel and abroad visit the city.  The marina project is the realization of a dream and it constitutes the linchpin in the development process of Ashkelon’s coastline and its transformation into an international tourist destination, attractive to lovers of the beach, tourism and recreation. As such, the marina offers visitors boating activities and water sports.
A large tourist complex with holiday apartments, hotels, a shopping mall and a hub of commercial and tourism center, a long promenade and well-maintained landscaped gardens is situated behind the marina.

Beachfront cafes and restaurants

Upon entering the gates of the marina you will discover a wealth of culinary options, restaurants, coffee shops, pubs with good music and energy. For lovers of nightlife - we warmly recommend visiting some of the excellent bars located just south of the marina, at Delilah Beach. 
* The Ashkelon Marina is situated between Delilah Beach and Bar Kokhba Beach. Tel:  08-6733780.

Ashkelon’s Spectacular Coastline 

Ashkelon’s stunning beaches span about 12 kilometers of coastline.  The beach plays a very significant part in the character of this coastal city. The well-kept clean beaches, some of which seem pristine and wild, are perfect not only for a refreshing dip but also for an evening stroll during every season, to thoughtfully search for shells and ideas, or to watch the striking orange sunsets, alone or with a friend, and as a refuge  from everyday life.  

Ashkelon National Park Beach

Also called the Park Beach.  This is the only beach that does not have a breakwater - making it a wonderful experience, an adrenaline rush for wave and open sea enthusiasts. This beach is adorned by a huge rock and the sense of total freedom. 08-6736444 

Delilah Beach

The lifeguard station on this tidy, designated beach operates all year round. This long, spacious beach features a breakwater and is considered a convenient and bather friendly beach. 08-6736929 

Surfer's Beach (Hof Hagolshim)

Located to the north of Delilah Beach, next to the marina, Surfer's Beach is the best-lit beach in Israel so that the surfers can continue to enjoy surfing after sunset. The waves break on the marina’s southern breakwaters and create a long wave where surfers can maximize their surfing abilities. Not a designated beach.

Bar Kokhba Beach

A designated beach with spectacular, breathtaking views.  08-6739479 
The separated beach (for the religious community)
Considered by many to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the country, beachgoers can enjoy games and sport attractions. The beach is especially clean, it has new changing rooms (the beach is open to men and women on alternate days - men on Mon, Wed and Fri and women on Sun, Tues and Thurs).  08-6782085

The Rock Beach

This beach is not a designated beach and bathing is forbidden, it is located south of the National Park Beach and is a Mecca for those who enjoy walking along the beach. It is wild and pristine, classic for a morning or evening walk, before sunset.  

The seaside promenade

A beautiful promenade bedecked with trees and well maintained rolling lawns. The promenade is situated on the edge of a kurkar (sandstone unique to Israel) cliff bordering on the beach which gives you the advantage of enjoying the magnificent view of the sea and the edge of the city. 

  • Entrance to the city’s beaches is free, except for the National Park Beach.

The Beachfront