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On the Way - Recommended Tourist Sites in the Area

Ashkelon can easily fill entire days with experiences of all kinds, but anyone who is curious to explore the surrounding area will find beauty spots in the form of picturesque nature reserves, attractions for the entire family, easy hiking routes, unique conservation sites, and uncommon observation points – all near the city.

The Hamei Yoav hot springs and the Akoya spa

Chic baths and spa, which make use of a spring water from a well with healing properties. Entertainment evenings, a variety of massages, physical fitness and healthy lifestyle training and more take place there.
 For reservations: 08-6721150.

Activities in Moshav Netiv Ha’asara

  • Life on the Gaza Border – lecture and tour including an observation point with an impressive view of the Gaza Strip
    Come learn about life on a moshav on the border with the Gaza Strip, hear about its history since the days of Hevel Yamit, the younger generation, coping with military campaigns, and particularly about the community’s strength. The visit includes a tour inside the moshav and along the border wall that illustrates the proximity to the Gaza Strip until reaching an observation point with an impressive view of the area.
  • “Path to Peace” – pasting a mosaic onto the border wall Tzameret Zamir, a ceramic artist, initiated the unique project of pasting a mosaic onto the border wall between the Gaza Strip and the moshav. For reservations: 052-5971678     
    For reservations: “Tourism to the Edge” Telephone: 08-6891821, liatsa1133@gmail.com‏  or  netiv10info@gmail.com. 
  • Ben Ben Nursery, a flowery experience – where beauty and nature meet  Enjoy a guided tour of a special nursery that teaches visitors about the world of caring for plants, from the grafting stage to the finished plant. In the tour we will understand and learn about the growing process, the methods and secrets of Israeli agriculture. 050-7636778

The Gush Katif Heritage Center in Nitzan

Experience the story of Gush Katif!
Get to know the settlements, the people, the painful uprooting, and the renewed growth. The visit’s route encompasses six spaces that combine videos, photographs and installations to create a unique and emotional experience.
For reservations:: 077-4324101  http://www.mkatif.org

Tourism in Moshav Kokhav Michael

The Barn ArtGallery

The gallery offers a warm home to artists in a variety of fields. Display and sales, exhibitions , artists’ meetings and workshops. 
For reservations:: 054-2228872, 054-2228861, Moshav Kokhav Michael, the Barn Complex.

Kokhav Archers – active center for learning archery

Participatory activity with family or friends, archery workshops that teach fascinating knowledge of the different shooting methods.
For reservations: Meshek 83 (Yogev family) Moshav Kokhav Michael, 054-7955560

Reuma’s Studio

a sculpture and ceramic design studio in a rural atmosphere with ceramics workshops for work groups and visitors, for friends, and family events.
For reservations – 054-7707830

'Kemah Haaretz" mill

The mill was founded in order to begin a quiet revolution in the world of high-quality flour in Israel and to give you, the bakers and the private consumers, a better quality flour at a fairer price. Our mill can be described as a “boutique mill” that gives individual and professional service to anyone who wants it, from the amateur baker at home to the professional baker. You are invited to join the workshops that take place here and become better acquainted with the world of flour. 
For reservations 08-6442224, hilanativ1@gmail.com 

Kibbutz Yad Mordechai tourism

There are a number of interesting tourist sites for families and groups in the kibbutz, which is located to the south of Ashkelon:

House of Bees and Honey

Do you want to get “up close and personal” with the world of the bees and the honey industry at the kibbutz? Then this is the place for you. The kibbutz offers an enjoyable experience for the entire family.

From Holocaust to Revival

The “From Holocaust to Revival” Museum in Kibbutz Yad Mordechai, named after Mordechai Anielewicz, the commander of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, was founded in 1968. The museum deals with the two most decisive events in the history of the Jewish people in the modern era – the Holocaust and the Revival of the state of Israel. It tells the story of the War of Independence in Yad Mordechai and the southern region, and settlement in the Negev.
 For reservations: 08-6720559, Yad Mordechai tourism, www.ym-tayarut.co.il.

The Salad Trail – an agricultural experience for all the senses

In the Salad Trail farm at Moshav Talmei Yosef the Trail staff guide travelers on a tour of tastings directly from the plants, and explain how vegetables reach the shops and what a “flying strawberry” is.
Also at the farm – a hothouse with cherry tomatoes in a range of colors, multicolored carrots, carrier pigeons, a race through a passionfruit maze, and more...
For reservations :08-9982225, www. salat4u.co.il‎ ‎‏ 


Do you want to get to know the world of beer at close hand? Visit Karmazina, a brewing school, which offers workshops and organizes beer events, lectures and tastings.
For reservations: 052-2656118, Moshav Talmei Yaffa  www.karmazina.co.il

Walking routes for experienced walkers 

The “Path of Light” from beach to beach

The Path of Light is a 55 km trail from Nitzanim Beach to Zikim Beach that passes through the regional council’s settlements. It begins in the region of Nahal Shikma and Zikim, continues along the stream bed, to the hills of Gvaram and Hulayqat, past the Junction Posts and the area where the Givati Brigade fought in the early days of the state. The path continues northwards towards the Holot Nitzanim nature reserve and the former site of Kibbutz Nitzanim. The path passes through many heritage sites from the days of the founding of the state, including Yad Mordechai, Nitzanim, the Gush Katif Heritage Center and the beaches.

The Nahal Shikma area

Nahal Shikma is one of the biggest streams in the coastal plain, and is some 50 km long. It passes through a nature reserve with springs, thick vegetation, and archeological sites. Reeds, bushes, and eucalyptus trees grow thickly in the stream bed. The stream bed passes under the Deir Suneid Bridge.‎ ‎There is a eastward walking route within the stream bed.

Sand Dunes nature reserves

There are two designated beaches in the area of the Hof Ashkelon regional council – Nitzanim and Zikim. Nitzanim and Zikim are also the names of two nature reserves with unspoiled landscapes, offering a walk in the sand dunes.  

Zikim Sand Dunes

The reserve offers a walk in the golden sand dunes, opposite the blue sea, between the remains of orchards and groundwater, a route suitable for the entire family. There are different animals in the sand dunes, including foxes, hares, and deer, and even peacocks.‎ ‎In winter lagoons are formed from the groundwater in various parts in the sand dunes.

Nitzanim Sand Dunes Nature Reserve

The nature reserve offers a walk in the golden sand dunes, rich flora, a variety of animals that leave many footprints (which can mainly be seen in the morning hours). There are hiking routes for walkers. The place has become a site for riding motorbikes and ATVs.

Nitzanim Park

Nitzanim Park is on the west side of the beautiful Nitzanim Sand Dunes Nature Reserve. The park contains a large lake where you can row kayaks, a motor activity complex for children, and more. The expansive Nitzanim Beach is nearby. 
Tel.: 077-3001260, 050-3246138

Gvaram – nature reserve, petting zoo and bike paths

The Gvaram Nature Reserve has numerous photogenic kurkar hills that in winter and spring are decorated with flowering anemones, buttercups and tulips. The reserve, where many animal species live, is located about 1.5 kilometers south of Kibbutz Gvaram, and has marked trails. Cycling enthusiasts will find what they have been looking for in the Gvaram Single Track. 
The kibbutz has a charming petting zoo with activities for the entire family, a petting corner, pita baking, riding, and more. 08-6775555

On the Way - Recommended Tourist Sites in the Area