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Mayor's Statement
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Ashkelon City Hall 

Dear Residents of Ashkelon,

The past decade has seen a dramatic change in the way we communicate. Up until a few years ago our main communication was through the phone. Today we have many possibilities, by means of phone and the internet, enabling us to have a much more efficient communication service with more content.
The communication revolution is at its height. Each child today holds in his hands a powerful communication tool. We all text, browse, upload status to the facebook. We tweet, send messages and photos, upgrade photos by instagram and manage our lives via the web.
There is no reason why the Municipality of Ashkelon is not where everyone else is – on the web. The Municipality is committed to move with the times and to offer its citizens the best technology in order to be accessible and much more available to the public through all means of communication. This is why we are continuing to upgrade our technology to improve our response to all our citizens.
We see communication as an important tool to reinforce the relationship with our citizens, to solve problems, and mainly to create the feeling that our citizens have an address to turn to.
I also plan to generate a revolution in the service to the citizens of Ashkelon, starting with the upgrade of the Municipal Moked and opening Moked services in all neighborhoods of the city. These centers will include advanced technology in order to be able to give a fast and efficient service in all neighborhoods, and to resolve problems in real time.
We see the internet as one of the main tools to enable us to give this efficient, accessible and fast service. You will be able to receive up-to-date information and bureaucratic proceedings will be shorter.
I invite you to surf the Municipal site. As you can see, the site shows the various activities of the city. You can find information about the history of the city, cultural events, sports and  leisure activities, Community Center activities, kindergarten registration etc.
Ashkelon Municipality will continue to track all new innovations of technology for the benefit of its citizens. We will continue to update and improve the site and the activities on the social networks.
We are here for you all and will continue to serve you.

Sincerely yours,

Itamar Shimoni
Mayor of Ashkelon



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