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Investing in Ashkelon

Tourism development

  • Beachfront tourism center, near the marina, stretching along 12 km. of the coastline;
  • National Priority Zone A terms for tourism development, subject to the Capital Investment Encouragement Law;
  • Land available for hotels at attractive prices.

Benefits for approved factories and tourism projects in Ashkelon:

investments1Subject to the Capital Investment Encouragement Law you may be eligible to receive a government grant at the rate of 20% of the investment and/or a fixed reduced companies tax rate as follows:

Development Zone A – 10%, rest of the country – 15%

Development Zone A – 7%, rest of the country – 12.5%

2015 and afterwards
Development Zone A – 6%, rest of the country – 12%

Ashkelon – a city of the future
A good place for investments and business opportunities

Ashkelon – National Priority Zone A for industry and tourism

Grants, benefits and attractive terms for investors

Ashkelon is an attractive city along the coast, a 45-minute drive from Tel Aviv.  It is the capital of the district and an administrative and service center for all localities in the area. investments1 As of May 2011 Ashkelon numbers 128,000 residents and its jurisdictional area is 55,000 dunams, one of the largest in the country.  The city enjoys a high quality of life and many luxuries, including large land availability, areas for high-tech industry, modern urban planning, an advanced system of education, health and community services.  It is also in close proximity to the center of the country, Jerusalem, Ben-Gurion Airport and the port of Ashdod.
Ashkelon has two large industrial zones – in the north and in the south.  The southern industrial park covers an area of 2,000 dunams.  Both industrial parks have a well-developed infrastructure, available land and industrial buildings for lease.
The high-tech industrial park is in the advanced planning stages in an area to the north of the city, close to the highway to Tel Aviv and the train station.  Ashkelon has the status of a National Priority Zone A for industry and offers industrialists the following terms and benefits:

What Ashkelon has to offer the industrialist: 

  • investments1Well-developed industrial parks, available land and buildings at attractive prices;
  • National Priority Zone A terms for industrial plants;
  • Maximum government assistance according to the Capital Investments Encouragement Law;
  • Personal supervision for entrepreneurs, assistance with professional training and personnel recruitment;
  • A variety of housing options;
  • investments1Close (55 km.) to the center of the country, airport and seaports.
  • Those purchasing land for industry will be exempt from tender obligations;
  • The land cost component is 31% of its cost for all industries.
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