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Mayor's Statement
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Environmental Quality

environmentIn accordance with Ashkelon Mayor stated policy, activities are carried out that position the city of Ashkelon as a green city that strives towards environmental quality.
Along with the supervisor for environmental quality, Council Member Yoram Shefer, this is reflected in almost every sphere of municipal life:  education, supervision and enforcement, culture and so on.  The goal is clear and of the utmost importance:  To save the earth’s resources, to preserve and improve the quality of life for the city’s residents and future generations, by promoting quality and preservation in the economic, social and environmental spheres.
The city of Ashkelon operates in this sphere as part of the Forum 18 of self-governing cities and has signed an international charter through which it is committed to reduce global warming.

Additional Municipality projects and key objectives: 

  • When it comes to recycling Ashkelon is one of the leading cities in Israel and the south:  It recycles thousands of tons of trash and has over 1,000 recycling bins.
  • Separation of waste at the source into two types:  wet and dry.
  • Energy efficiency in public buildings and street lights.
  • Implementation of green building among entrepreneurs, contractors, architects and engineers, and promoting green projects throughout the city.
  • Community gardens to absorb carbon emissions to nurture the community environment all over the city.

In the sphere of city improvements, the Municipality promotes open areas and parks throughout the city, and there are nearly 2,000 dunams of open green parks that also contain recreation and sports facilities, to encourage a healthy lifestyle for the benefit of all residents.

Environmental education:

environmentAshkelon develops and encourages instructional and training activities by educational staff in the city’s kindergartens and schools on the subject of environmental quality, developing curricula and educational projects and promoting these in kindergartens and schools that are interested in obtaining a “green seal” from the Ministry of Environmental Protection.  There is also cooperation and instruction in the community on various topics in mini-clubs, community centers, homes for the aged and businesses to implement the concept of sustainability; training environmental activists among pupils and teachers; training residents to be neighborhood activists; and constant improvement of the appearance of buildings and the domestic and neighborhood environment.

Environmental culture: 

As part of its educational and publicity efforts the Ashkelon Municipality, Cities for Environmental Quality and the Ministry of Environmental Protection has initiated a “green festival” that will become a tradition for years to come in Ashkelon.  Tens of thousands of people from inside and outside Ashkelon come to take part in this greet ecological happening.
Through art and cultural activities based on recycled materials and explanations by counselors, festival-goers enjoy a cultural experience and learn about environmental quality and preserving the environment –, starting at home.

There are also recycling workshops at the community centers, preschools and summer camps.

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