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Mayor's Statement
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Educating for Excellence, from Kindergarten through University

educationA state of the art school system is being developed in Ashkelon, with 2016 as its target date – a system that will foster quality and excellence. The goals are: to realize pupil potential and improve attainments, with an emphasis on values; to equip all Ashkelon schools with computer systems capable of advancing science and technology education; to cultivate a rich and creative educational-learning environment in the schools; to develop a wide range of educational initiatives; to enable teachers to improve their professional skills and familiarize themselves with innovative teaching methods; and more.

Data and numbers:

educationThis school year, 2011-12, 24,523 pupils aged 3 and up are enrolled in Ashkelon's school system, from pre-compulsory kindergarten through Grade 12; additionally, some 5,500 students are enrolled at Ashkelon Academic College. The school system encompasses 150 kindergartens, 32 elementary schools, and 15 junior high and high school divisions within comprehensive schools.

  • 4,555 kindergarten children
  • 10,484 elementary school pupils
  • 9,484 junior high and high school pupils
  • 5,500 Ashkelon Academic College students

In accordance with Ashkelon's municipal policy of developing the school system and fostering excellence, we are working to ensure that the following school construction projects will be completed over the course of 2012-2013:

  • Expanding the Ironi Makif Heh School and turning it into a comprehensive school for Grades 7-12.
  • Building an elementary school in Ramat-Kramim, in the northern part of the Barnea neighborhood.
  • Adding 6 classrooms to the state religious school in Barnea.
  • Building 30 kindergarten classrooms throughout the city.
  • Building 3 school gyms, at the Makif Heh, Ramat-Kramim and Shimshon neighborhood schools.
  • Opening the new municipal library.

education98% of Ashkelon's children complete 12 years of schooling; most continue their education in academic frameworks. 84% of twelfth-graders tested in 2006-7 were eligible for the matriculation certificate. Ashkelon is home to art- and science-oriented schools, to "torani" religious schools, to a yeshiva and an ulpana. For the 2011-12 school year, the Rambam Elementary School was approved as a magnet school for ecology and sustainability.
All of the schools are equipped with computers that are utilized for teaching activity. Gifted pupils take part in enrichment activities and university courses. Low-achieving pupils are provided with tutoring and scholastic support aimed at improving their achievements and matriculation eligibility.

  • 30 schools have received ISI 9002 certification for quality in education.

Pedagogical programs active in the city's educational institutions:

  • The 21st Century Teleprocessing program is operated at all elementary and post-elementary schools.
  • The Merhav program is being expanded in the elementary schools.

Special educational projects:

  • tennisThe Matriculation 100 program – aimed at improving high school pupils' attainments and increasing the number of those eligible for matriculation certificates;
  • Art and music instruction for kindergarten children;
  • Swimming and tennis courses for pupils in Grades 4-5;
  • University courses for junior high school pupils;
  • swimA center for the gifted and talented;
  • Chess instruction for third-graders;
  • Hebrew ulpanim for new immigrants;
  • An array of cultural enrichment activities at all schools and kindergartens.

Ashkelon Academic College

collegeAshkelon Academic College is one of 21 public academic colleges that are supervised and budgeted by the Council for Higher Education in Israel.
Ashkelon Academic College is recognized and accredited as an Israeli institution of higher education and is authorized to award B.A. and B.Sc. degrees in the social and exact sciences. Alongside its status as an independent academic institution, Ashkelon Academic College continues to function as an extension of Bar-Ilan University, a status that it has held since its founding in 1965.
The college's beautiful campus is located within the central-city education compound, and offers personalized student services in a supportive atmosphere.
The 10,000 graduates that have Ashkelon Academic College has produced in recent years are flourishing in Israel's various economic sectors and in the higher educational sphere.


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