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Extensive culture and sports activity takes place in Ashkelon

Ashkelon is a center for cultural, sports and leisure activities.  The Cultural Center holds a vast range of performances, plays and concerts.  In addition, cultural and arts performances and exhibits are offered throughout the city.
In recent years Ashkelon has become a city of festivals, and many of these events have become a tradition over the years:  the Breeze Festival, the Festival of the Sea, the Triathlon and the Green Festival for environmental quality.  Hundreds of thousands of people attend these gatherings from the city and surrounding area, as well as from all over Israel.  The festivals help to raise public awareness to certain issues through workshops and competitions, among other things, the importance of recycling, and have helped instill the importance of physical activity among city residents.
Ashkelon boasts a variety of different sports, including:  artistic gymnastics, soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, swimming and water sports, fencing, archery, wrestling, gliding, bike riding and so much more.  All activities take place in local sports clubs or the municipal sports center.

יום העצמאות -משה פרץ- 2015

Cultural and sports centers in Ashkelon:

  • Municipal cultural center – 850 seats;
  • culture10 local community centers in the various neighborhoods;
  • Beit Eli center for Ashkelon’s artists;
  • Neighborhood sports centers;
  • Tennis Center with 17 courts;
  • Municipal sports center;
  • Municipal swimming pool;
  • Hydrotherapy treatment pool.



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